Cláudia Madeira

Photo image of Cláudia Madeira

Cláudia Madeira was born in 1982 in Régua, Portugal. A descendant of many generations of farm workers, Cláudia began learning music from her father as the family worked in the vineyards of the Douro River Valley. Her formal musical education began at age nine in the Colégio Salesiano, where until age 15, she sang in the church choir. In 2007, Cláudia participated in the third edition of Operação Triunfo, a RTP television production that helped rekindle national interest in Fado. This began frequent appearances on popular television shows such as Praça da Alegria and Dança na Praça. She also has performed in theaters and clubs throughout Portugal, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, China the United States and Canada. In 2013, Cláudia released her first CD, “Fado fora de Portas”.

Cláudia Madeira performed at the Tri-County Symphonic Band's March 15, 2015 concert entitled “Viva Portugal!”

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