John Wallace

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John Wallace's fascination with wind instruments began in high school where he played the alto clarinet in the band.  His fascination  continued in the Air Force where he was an arranger and composer as well as a clarinetist and flautist with the US Air Force Band of the West. While teaching in California, John played with various groups and collaborated  with the noted Hollywood arranger, film composer and conductor, Vic Schoen.  John has written music for concert band, orchestra, chamber groups, jazz groups and piano. His interests in jazz led to a well received CD of his compositions featuring  world class Rhode Island and Massachusetts musicians John Allmark, Marshall Wood, John Wilkins, Bob Bowlby and Conny Williams. John's music has been performed at various venues throughout the country.  He has had works performed at the University of California and the State University of New York.  In addition to performances of his works by the United States Air Force Band of the West, a concert honoring his jazz compositions was presented in Newport, Rhode Island by the United States Navy Band.

Music has been one of three life long interests for John.  Teaching psychology, helping others and writing fiction and non-fiction have also preoccupied him.  All of these interests led to a PhD and professorships at Stanford University and the University of California. After 12 years of university teaching, the same interests led him out of academia and into the real world of clinical practice and making music.  In Rhode Island, John served as the Director of Treatment at the highly regarded treatment center, Edgehill Newport.  In New York,  he served as one of the Directors of Treatment at St. Vincent's Hospital, Westchester.  A four-year stint as a psychologist in Harlem, NY taught him a great deal about the realities of racism and its consequences in American society.  John was awarded a knighthood by the President of Iceland in recognition of his help in developing that country's chemical dependence and behavioral health programs.  He was also awarded a lifetime achievement award from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, an award he shared with previous winners, President Gerald Ford and First Lady Betty Ford, Senator Harold Hughes and Senator Paul Wellstone.  Along the way, John has managed to find time to write and publish a number of books including a novel as well as numerous short stories. 

John resides in Rochester, Massachusetts with his wife Dale.

John's composition, “The Centurions”, will be presented at the Tri-County Symphonic Band's “United Nations Day” concert on October 16, 2022.

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