We would like to thank those who have been so generous and have helped to promote the mission of the Tri-County Music Association, Inc.

Special thanks also to the many friends of the Tri-County Music Association who volunteer their time and resources to make this season a success.

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Donation Supporters 2018 - 2019 Concert Season

Thank you to the following individuals and entities for supporting us through monetary donations.

Director's Circle ($1000 or greater)

Wendy Macdonald & Hannah & Michael Moore
The Island Foundation

Section Leader ($500 or greater)

Charles & Chrissie Bascom in honor of Trudy Kingery
Nancy & Jack Braitmayer & Karen & Phil Sanborn
Sippican School Graduating Class of 2018
Jo Ann & Douglas Watson & Patricia Wylde

Benefactor ($250 or greater)

Richard Arthur & Christine Chambers & Debbie Gordon
Fran Gordon & Ann Harris & G.E. Kingery
Trudy Kingery & Susan Meyer & Barbara Sanderson
Charles Shaffer & Peter Tavilla & Altra Industrial Motion
Dale & John Wallace & Diana Worley
Susan & Saul L. Woythaler

Patron ($100 or greater)

Helen & John Barnes & Virginia & Robert Becher
Lucy Bly, Rosemary & Charles Saber In Memory of Marge Jenney
David and Janet Jenney & Peter Bullard & Gertrude Burr
Margaret Chace & Dale Debacher & James Geil
Elizabeth & Darron Gibson & Joyce & Laura Gindra
Marry Ann Hayes & Patricia & John MacKenzie & Sandria Parsons
Peggy Repass & Caron & Michael Rocha
Kimberly & Jefferey Wheeler
Willow Creek Foundation on behalf of Margot D. Stone

Friend (under $100)

Talbot Baker Jr.& John & Helen Barnes
Norma Bosse & Kathleen DiPasqua-Egan
Wendy & Ben Dunham & Maureen & Phil Hague
Donald Irving & Ilona Langhoff & Doris & John Ludes
Marcella & Manuel Nelson & Margaret Olney & F.E. Parker
Edith Pliskin & Sheila Powers Converse & Patty & Don Richard
Tinker & Bill Saltonstall

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Cultural Councils

Also supported by the cultural councils of Acushnet, Berkley, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Marion, Mattapoissett, Plymouth, Rochester, and Somerset, all local agencies supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

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